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In the past few weeks, we have witnessed horrific displays of violent brutality by police officers against Black people. The supposed success of this country has been created by the systemic, violent oppression of people of color. Enough.

We have always welcomed a diversity of artists and works, but these difficult times have shown us that we must do more. It is time for us to listen, learn, reflect and do better. We pledge to do all we can to increase equity, diversity and inclusion within BOC. We pledge to examine our structures, programming, and outreach to make the necessary changes to fight systemic racism.  We pledge to use our platform to share, to deepen our support, and celebrate the work of artists of color. 

David Howse, Executive Director of ArtsEmerson, has posted a statement on ArtsEmerson’s website. We encourage you to read it. David exhorts us to resist numbness, and we will do just that. The arts have the power to reach across distances, to encourage reflection, to inspire, to heal. As we reflect on these latest tragic events, may we stay energized and committed in helping to create a more equitable and just society. 

Patricia-Maria Weinmann and Greg Smucker, Co-Artistic Directors
Tianhui Ng, Resident Music Director
Erik Johnson, Chair, Board of Directors
Drew Mittelman, Chair-Elect, Board of Directors

June, 2020

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