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Horror Opera

2023/2024 Season

Horror Opera

Whispers: Echoes from the halls
An immersive
horror opera experience

Music by a variety of artists
Libretto by Alexis Peart
Sung in a variety of languages with printed translations
Location The Shirley-Eustis House
Date October 7 & 8, 2023

This 45-minute operatic experience will immerse you in a story of betrayal, murder, and mystery. Weaving together some of opera’s most chilling moments in a brand new narrative, Whispers: Echoes from the Halls is sure to leave you primed for the Halloween season.


Our story, woven together with music from operas like Don Giovanni, Turn of the Screw, Salome, Lucia di Lammermoor, and more, will tell a spooky murder-mystery narrative about a condemned man, who did it, and why. Unique in its presentation and leaning heavily into the spookiness of the venue, Whispers: Echoes from the Halls is sure to excite audiences.


Director Holly Stone
Music Director Ken Yanagisawa
Stage Manager 
Elliot Dean
Production Manager Matt Breton
Translation Designer Nic Laschever & Alexis Peart
Rehearsal Pianist Scott Koljonen


The Woman Maggie Kinnabrew
The Storyteller Lucas Coura
The Woman (Cover & Second Performer) Nicola Santoro
The Father Joel Clemens

The Man Nick Fahrenkrug
The Accomplice Raphael Laden-Guindon
The Handmaiden Emma Robertson
The Handmaiden Darby Clinard
Room&Board &Opera

A Revival of
Room & Board
& Opera

Location Room&Board, Newbury St
Date January 25 & 26, 2024
Naomi in the Living Room
Music Jonathan Bailey Holland
Based on a Play by Christopher Durang 
Sung in English, English Subtitles

Jonathan Bailey Holland's brilliantly outrageous and hilarious comedy, features one of the most unforgettable heroines of the operatic stage, based on the play by Christopher Durang, Joining Naomi at home is her hapless son, John, and his long-suffering wife, Johnna, who have come for their weekly and torturous visit. Not recommended for children; adult content and language.

The Italian Lesson
Music by Lee Hoiby
Libretto by Ruth Draper
Sung in English & Some Italian
A witty, elegant, and sophisticated comedy based on the sparkling monologue by the famed Ruth Draper, one of the most well-known and successful author-performers of her day.  Mrs. Clancy, an over-scheduled socialite, mother, and wife, struggles to contain the normal chaos of her day while attempting to delve into Dante's The Divine Comedy with the help of her patient Italian teacher. Needless to say, she doesn't get very far.
A two night only comedy opera pop up performance in our local Room & Board furniture showroom at downtown Newbury street showcasing Naomi in the Living Room and The Italian Lesson. These two shows will take you on a journey through the lives of two women, each with their own unique stories, relationships, and intriguing personalities. In standard BOC fashion, you'll be close to the action at the chic and cozy Room&Board showroom, with food and drink kicking off the night.


Stage Director Patricia-Maria Weinmann
Assistant Stage Director
Nic Laschever
Music Direction Natasha Talukdar Elam
Music Direction 
Jean Anderson
Stage Manager Elliot Dean

Translation Designer Nic Laschever


Singing "The Italian Lesson" Jessica Jane Jacobs
"The Italian Lesson" (Cover) Alexis Peart

Naomi Lindsay Conrad
Naomi (Cover) Monica Music

John Junhan Choi
John (Cover) Nick Fahrenkrug
Johnna Chihiro Asano
Johnna (Cover) Olivia Schurke

La Tragédie de Carmen

Adapted from Georges Bizet's opera
Music by Marius Constant, Jean-Claude Carriere, and Peter Brook
Sung in French, English Supertitles
Location Arrow St Arts, Cambridge
Date April 4, 6 & 7, 2024

The opera is a mesmerizing tale following Carmen, a fiercely independent woman who catches the attention of the young, naive soldier, Don José. He then falls head over heels for her, abandoning his childhood love, Micaëla. As Don José's love and lust for Carmen strengthens, his passion devolves into jealousy and murder. The intricate plot, rich with emotion and drama, leaves audiences spellbound and dazzled as the tragic consequences of Don José's obsession with Carmen unfold before our very eyes.

The performances will occur at Arrow Street Arts in Cambridge, formally home of the American Repertory Theater's Oberon Theater. We will be the first opera (and first performance!) produced in their officially opened space.


La Tragédie de Carmen features a 15-piece chamber orchestra led by our new Music Director, Ken Yanagisawa, stage direction by Alexandra Dietrich, and the talents of Boston's up-and-coming emerging artists.


Stage Director Alexandra Dietrich
Musical Director Ken Yanagisawa
Scenic Designer Jeremy Barnett
Costume Designer Andrew Wehling
Lighting Designer Andrea Sala


Carmen Limor Gaash
Don José Patrick Starke
Michaëla Sarah Cooper
Escamillo Ilya Silchukou

Zuniga/Garcia Michael Aoun
Lilas Pastia Courtney Fitzgerald
Carmen (Cover) Mary Cray
Don José (Cover) Christopher Remkus
Micaëla (Cover)
 Monica Music
Escamillo (Cover) Nathan Savant
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