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Room & Board & Opera

A revival of 

A two night only pop up performance in our local Room & Board furniture showroom at downtown Newbury street. In standard BOC fashion, you'll be close to the action at the chic and cozy Room&Board showroom, with food and drink kicking off the night.

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Shmopera's review of the 2019 performance of Room & Board & Opera

"Of all of these experimentations, however, the last place I would have ever expected a series of three short operas, staged was a furniture store.
The singer-actors that ran around the second floor of Room & Board were more than up to the acting challenge that performing so close to the audience came with: they had almost no room to hide, and the singers all met the demands of the work without sacrificing anything in the beauty of tone.

This was an evening of opera at its finest, with plenty of both human drama and comedy to spare. It is yet another testament to the success of attempting to perform operas in unconventional spaces that has overtaken the city’s opera scene, and I can’t wait to see what companies like Boston Opera Collaborative do with such spaces in the future."

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